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[UI Script] Changing Name Field When Adding a Test Run



I was wondering if it was possible to replace the Test Run Name field so that there are 4 new text box fields to create the name instead of just Name. If this is possible, could I see some example code that could make this happen? I would also want to limit this script to only a few projects instead of everything.

For example, the 4 text boxes would look like this:

Game Name:
App Version:
Test Run Type:

Here’s what it looks like now and imagine replacing the Name field with those 4 text boxes:


Hi Jason,

Thanks for your post! There wouldn’t be a method to add new fields on the test run level, however we’ve received this request before and are happy to review this for a future update. We would instead just recommend using the test run description field to add the details that you mentioned, and you can even format this in e.g. a table in this field using Markdown syntax:

Hope this helps!



Thanks Marco. Would it be possible to make changes to the name field that includes some ghost text? For example, in the Name field before a user has clicked on the text box, text appears to the user in the format that I want the name to be in, then the user clicks on the text box and the ghost text disappears?


Hey Jason,

Thank you for the post. It may be possible to do this using a UI script. UI scripts are quite powerful and allow you to make some changes to the UI. You can read more about UI scripts here: