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[UI Script] "Add Results" button does not show the previous step results



when we enter in the “Add Results” button, the status of the steps already performed is not shown in the window (all the steps are always in “To Do” status).

For example, if we have a test scenario with 10 different steps (5 OK and 5 “To Do”), opening the “Add Results” window all the steps will be shown as “To Do” by default and the user needs to update the 5 OK and the result of the 6th step, generating possible mistakes or misunderstandings.

My question, is there a way (with a UI script, I would guess) to fill all the steps in the “Add Results” window with the same status as is shown in the “Results & Comments” section?

Many thanks,


Hello @mscognamiglio,

Thanks for your posting! Add Result would always add a new result and does not take into account previous results (with steps, for example). To continue with an existing test result, you can edit the result instead (via the small Edit link) and this would then also initialize the steps with the previous results (5 OK and 5 To Do in your case).



Hi Tobias,

thank you for your fast feedback.

Since the small edit link could be viewed only by the person who have updated that scenario/step result, we still have an issue.

In fact in our test book each step is performed by a different person (step 1 is performed by tester A and step 2 by tester B, etc.) and the actual rules to view the edit button (described above) are not convenient for our approach.

Is there a way to allow/authorize all the users involved in the project to view the small edit link and not just the person who performed the previous step?

Thank you in advance,


Hello Massimiliano,

In this case I would recommend just adding two results, one with the first 5 steps and then another one with the remaining 5 steps. In the second result, you can simply leave the 5 steps untested/empty and focus on the second half instead and this would be obvious when looking at the full result history.

Editing results of other users is currently not possible but it’s already on our list of things to look into and it’s planned to make this more flexible in the future (happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks!).