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UI script able to put conditions on Adding Results upon Redmine tickets states


Hi guys,
basically again, I was trying to costumize the way we add a result again through UI script.
I would like to make sure that while adding a results to a testcase: if I want to put the testcase to “passed”, I would like to check that all the redmine associated tickets are “closed” or “fixed” and also the other way around, so if I want to put a testcase to “failed”, at least one among the associated tickets has to be in a state different from "Fixed " or “Closed”.
Do we have any APIs able to help with the purpose ?
I do have installed all the Redmine plugins and I’m using them extensively,
If you guys could recommend a way to do this, it would be very helpful.

Many thanks,


Hi Giuseppe,

Thanks for your post! We don’t have any examples of this type of UI script and I imagine it would be quite difficult to implement the conditions/validation of statuses on an external software. We would generally just recommend handling this organizationally and having testers check the status either via the lookup feature of the built-in integration, or manually in Redmine for this as there might also be some additional context/details to review on the actual ticket itself. Hope this helps!