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Types of form field in a custom report


I am investigating in TR custom reports and I collected some questions.

  1. Do you have any developer documentation for custom reports besides “Reports: Building a custom report plugin” article. I haven’t found information related to a control schema, types of entries in it, for instance:
    ‘type’ => ‘limits_select’, what does “limits_select” means and what else can it be?

  2. In prepare_form function:
    ‘custom_types_include’ => array(
    ‘type’ => ‘bool’,
    ‘default’ => false

    What ‘type’ else can be? And do you have any documentation about types and how to use them?

  3. Can I add a custom multiselect field to a form?


Hi Denis,

Thank you for the post. The documentation found here:

contains all of the information you would need to create a custom report plugin. Working with this does require some knowledge of PHP. Is there anyone in your group that can assist you with this perhaps?


Hello, Marty.
I am working on it in my team. This manual covers a custom ‘bool’ field and “form controls” feature. Can I create a custom multiselect field? In prepare_form function I have to add rules for my fields and the only custom type of field the documentation is covered is “bool”.