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Two Testrail instances integrated to one JIRA - Could this work?


Hi folks,

i have hypothetical question about integration with JIRA.

Does JIRA integration work with two different testrail instances ? One which is in house and second which is located at our customer which is not in the same network ?



Hello Viljam,

The Push and Lookup functionality from TestRail can be integrated with any number of JIRA installations and you can configure the JIRA integration per project or globally in TestRail. The new JIRA add-on currently supports a single TestRail instance per JIRA installation.



Hi Tobias,

are you planning to extend this or this is out of the scope ? Why i am asking is we do have one JIRA integrated with our customers but they all want to use their own Testrail which is understandable.

Now to have them using it the same way as we do we would need them to fallow same process but if integration wont work then they cant.

I hope there will be a way in future:)



Thanks, Viljam! We have plans to make the add-on configuration more flexible but I cannot currently say if or when this feature will be available to be honest. We will definitely consider this for future versions of the add-on, thanks again for the suggestion!



+1 for this feature.


It’s been awhile, any chance the jira add-on will support multiple test instances? I need to allow a vendor’s instance and an internal qa team’s instance in one jira instance. Or is it possible this already exists and I missed the obvious button on the add on?