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Two More suggestion


Hi Tobias,

two more suggestion:
Time stamp of user comment should be equal to the nearest log entry: look with timestamp difference to see what. My log is full of xx.xx.xx and -xx.xx.xx (negative offset!)

Second suggestion: you could give to user the ability to bypass filters (pattern matching) for some class of message:
The situtaion could be this:
I would like refine my log to search something but i would se in wich area there are error regardeless title string
to make further investigations

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone



Hi Giuseppe,

the timestamp of a comment is currently always set to the current date and time. Otherwise one could not tell when a comment was added to the log. But I see that the time offset might be a bit confusing. Maybe we add an option to the Insert Comment dialog which controls if the comment uses the current date and time or the timestamp of the commented log entry.

Regarding the filter bypassing, that’s a good idea, thanks.