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Trying to get test rail set up, not reccognizing PHP SQL driver


I am attempting to get my test version of testrail set up for our evaluation. It has been an interesting journey thus far. :slight_smile:
The issue that is currently holding me up is the PHP for SQL driver. I have my driver downloaded, copied to my c:\php\ext directory, and the extension statement in my PHP.ini file. I can see that the extension is loaded via a utility I downloaded called “PHP manage”, however the only driver I have available in the testrail setup wizard is MySQL.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Robert,

Thanks for your posting! I can recommend following our official installation guide for installing TestRail on Windows Server:

This simply uses the Microsoft Web Platform Installer and this also installs the required SQL Server driver and all other dependencies.

I hope this helps!



OK. I used WPI to install the PHP for SQL driver, restarted my IIS server, and I still do not have an SQL driver option in the setup wizard.


hmmm… Just looked at the PHP error log. It is saying the SQL driver is not a valid 32bit app…


Hello Robert,

It might be easier to troubleshoot this via email and we’ve responded to your separate email request.