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Truncated configuration fields in reports



I couldn’t find a post on this but apologies if this is a duplicate.

When viewing our “Comparison for Cases” report, the configuration field for the test run is truncated, making the view fairly useless as we can’t see which configuration is passing or failing (I took a screenshot of this but unfortunately I can’t upload it because of being a new user). Would it be possible to get the configuration field to be wrapped instead?




Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your posting! The test run columns currently have a fixed column width but I’m happy to add a more flexible approach to our feature request list. You should already be able to see the same runs/configurations in the graph at the top of the report, can you confirm this?



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the reply. I can confirm that I can see the configuration if I reference the graph at the top, but when I have lots of test runs being reported on this is a bit difficult to do. So it would be a great help if this was updated.

Thanks for considering,



Thanks for the update, Sarah! We will make sure to look into this and make the width of the columns configurable/more flexible.