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Trouble Addding Fields to Test Cases


I added a new Project to Test Rail and wanted to create a separate test case template with fields that would be specific to this project.
In doing so i went to Administrations/Customizations and:

  1. added a template under the templates section (Dummy1)
  2. added the desired fields and selected “This field applies to the following templates only” where i checked Dummy1
    Although the fields seem to have been added to the Customizations page, I cannot see the fields when I attepmt to add a test case to the new project, nor do they appear as options when i attempt to Import test cases and map the csv fields to fields in Test Rail.
    Any thoughts?


Hi Joe,

Thanks for your posting. You would also need to assign the fields to your project(s). This can be done on the field form when adding/editing a project:

I hope this helps!



Thanks this helped!
Although i am running into another issue…
Upon Import from CSV, I am seeing the following error msg:

Test case “LBrands Functional Test” is invalid and could not be imported: Field Role is a required field.

The trouble is that I do not see Field Role as a field on the Test Case Template.


Hi Joe,

Can you try changing this field to optional/not-required (Administration > Customizations)?