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Triggering Robot Framework from Test Rail


I am trying to configure triggering the Automation suite. But unable to configure the suite.
Information Message: “An error occurred while triggerring the automation suite”

Created 2 UI scripts : one for triiger.ui and other for trigger.php

Please find attached screenshot:

Need information: How to configure the suite name:Test Automation Framework triggering location.

Could anybody help in configuring the Trigger.

Thanks in Advance,
Sri Harish

Hi Sri Harish Mukthavi,

I’m not sure what you mean by “2 UI scripts”. While triggering a test from within the TestRail UI does require 2 scripts. One is the UI script which is setup under Administration >> Customization. The other trigger.php script is placed server side, where reachable by the TestRail application. For example on the same server as the TestRail Server installation or on another server, reachable by TestRail Cloud, where automated tests are executed on premise. Please see/modify line 23 of the example trigger.php file. For detailed information on how to work this please review our documentation.