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Triggering C# Selenium tests from TestRail



We are trialling TestRail. A key aspect for us is the ability to integrate it with Selenium WebDriver.

We are developing applications in Visual Studio, using C#.

I can create Selenium tests in C#, run them from within Visual Studio and push those results back to TestRail using the API.

The next step for us is to trigger the Selenium tests from TestRail and I’ve read the documentation about that and know what we need to do within TestRail to allow that.

What I can’t understand is what I need to do to my C# tests in Visual Studio to make them accessible to TestRail, or how to direct it to them.
Bear in mind that I’m a Test Engineer with a historic background as a Developer, but that was Cobol, IBM Notes and some Java back in the day. So I don’t yet have a firm grasp of the ways of C# and Visual Studio.

I’ve searched here but can’t find enough detail. Can anyone give me any pointers?


Selenium Testrail integration

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your posting! We usually recommend triggering tests outside of TestRail as this is the most flexible option in our experience. While it’s also possible to trigger tests from TestRail’s UI (with a customization, see below), we found that keeping the triggering independently of TestRail has advantages when it comes to integrating with continuous integration systems (which usually trigger the tests) or customizing the scheduling.



Hi Tobias!, I have a question… Why triggering test outside of Testrail is more flexible? How did you get to that conclusion? I want to does some similar but I dont find the enough information about it.