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Triggering a Report via the API


Need this too.
Any update?


Hi All - we’ll be looking at this along with some other API updates very soon. I don’t have a date currently, but aiming for later this year.



argh - you cannot tease us with such statements :crazy_face: - any information about the “other API updates” ? and do you expect to have those updates “very soon” or are you looking at this very soon ? :slight_smile:



How do others report when a test run or set of test runs are complete? We really need this feature soon!


Please add my vote too.


Add my vote to please :pray:


+1 to this feature. Please add my vote!


Same here - there does appear to be consensus from your users :slight_smile: Please add the ability to kick off a report from the API.



Hello All,

Thanks for the posts. As Simon mentioned, we do have plans to review this for a future update. I have added these new votes to our feature request for this.

Kind regards,


Another vote for this key feature!