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Triggering a Report via the API


Add a vote here. Any idea on when we will see this feature?


Thanks for your feedback! We currently don’t have an estimate at this point unfortunately but I’m happy to add another vote.



Plz add a vote here!


Thanks for your feedback, Aravind!



I would also like to add a vote for this feature. In particular, the ability to pull in the charts, e.g., burndown chart.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your feedback. You can already pull some statistics via the API, e.g. the passed/failed etc. numbers for a milestone, plan or test run via the regular get_milestone, get_plan and get_run APIs:



Please add a vote, we want to trigger the report then send the report link to slack. For others to view.


Thanks for your feedback, Joe!



API Reports would be awesome and would simplify our release documentation process a lot. Please add my vote.


I second this idea, we need this so we can do automated bi-directional trace matrix between JIRA and TestRail.


Hey Rick,

Thank you for your post. I have added your vote to this.


I would also love to have this available.

Please add my vote!

Very good API to work with, btw. Thanks!

Can I trigger a report straight from an automated test run?

Hi Marius,

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you’ve enjoyed working with the API thus far. I’ve added your vote to the request as well, and we’re happy to review this for a future update.



Is this feature available now ?


They have had only one release since Sept 2017 (earlier this month) and it was not released as part of that release (v5.4.1).


I would like to +1 this please, would be a great feature for our automation suite. Thanks!


Hi please add my vote…
It will be great if we can get the report in few standard formats we like like pdf, doc etc…


Any updates on this, mate?


Please add my vote too.

The topic was created about 3 years ago, any update on this? @tgurock @mgarcia


Any update on this? This would be very useful for our team that has limited licenses and could benefit from generating a report through the API for others to see.