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Trigger C# local desktop application from TestRail


Hi all,

I have C# desktop application on my machine and I want to trigger that from TestRail. Is it possible to trigger application which is local on your machine via TestRail?



@martylavender @mgarcia could you please comment on above question? I need to know if it possible or not to do this.


Hi GirijaJoshi,

Thanks for your post! This would just be dependent on the application and its methods available for triggering this. It’s possible to trigger external scripts (either hosted externally somewhere or stored locally on your machine) in TestRail via UI script, however you would need to build/customize this to fit you application’s needs. We wouldn’t be able to provide any specific example/troubleshooting for this as part of our support, but you can learn more about triggering external scripts from a UI script on our website here:

This is mainly used for test automation, but you may be able to customize this to fit your needs. Hope this helps!



Hi @mgarcia

What I mean by starting an application. If I have simple c# project like hello world and i have that .exe, And it is on the PC C:\Temp\HelloWorld.exe.
My requirement is I want to run HelloWorld.exe from TestRail. Is it possible?