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Trigger Autotests directly from TestCase Dialog


Hallo TestRail Team,
we’ve created a Keyword Driven Autotest Tool based on Ranorex/Selenium. We use the Keywords directly in the TR TestCases (Steps) . To run the TestCases we’ve implemented webservices which read the keywords from TR via REST API and start the autotests. This happens currently outside of TR via CURL.

When we are working on a Test Case we would like to trigger this test directly from TR TestCase Dialog via a button - once clicked this button should call our WebService with the TR TestCaseID.

This is nearly the same behaviour as you have already implemented in the TestRun Dialog ( Is it possible to implement this in TR TestCase Dialog as well (e.g. a new button ‘Start AutoTest’ beside the button ‘Edit’)?
Best Regards
Thomas Pfaffenritter