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Trialling TR & looking for help configuring for our needs


Hi, I’m trialling TR cloud and am looking for suggestions how best to setup TR to suit our needs. What we want to achieve is this:

  1. One repository for all test cases for a product, broken down by functional area, so test cases can be written in, and found from, a logical application area.
  2. The ability to group individual test cases into a container that can be run either once-off, or re-run as in a set of smoke or regression tests.

I have created a project using the “Use a single repository for all cases (recommended)” option. In the ‘Test Cases’ tab I have created a tree structure using sections and subsections to break the product down and have written test cases at the appropriate places.

Now I want to select and group tests into a regression plan/suite so the set of tests can be run as needed.

When I click on the ‘Test Runs & Results’ tab, I have the option to add a Test Run or Test Plan. If I select ‘Add Test Plan’, I cannot select tests to create a plan from, but have to add test runs to the plan. I don’t want to run/execute tests as this stage, I just want a repository of tests to run at a later date.

The only place I can select test cases from is by creating a Test Run.

If I create a Test Run and select the test cases I want for a set of regression test cases, I cannot select and add this test run to a new test plan?

What am I doing wrong here? All I need to do is write a bunch of test cases, select individual test and group them into a container, and then run them once off or multiple times. Seems easy.



The way my team/company would do it is set the “Priority” of these regression tests to ‘Must Test’ and or “Type” to ‘Regression’. When you create a Test Run you can filter by either or I believe both fields. You can even add in Types to something that makes more sense for your company/group.


Thanks for the suggestion. Does seem a less-than-obvious way of doing things though (not a criticism of your process). Having to use priorities or types/custom fields feels more like a workaround rather than creating Test Plans without automatically creating runs (which is how I would have thought things would work).

I’ll keep looking into it and see how it goes, cheers.