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Tracking used licenses



  1. Is there an automated method to track the number of licences used, and email the admins if we go above a threshold.
  2. is there and option to delete a user, as I only see an option to make the user inactive.



Hi @gnotexp,

Thanks for your posting!

  1. For TestRail Server, you can only add up to the number of licenses you purchased, so you cannot go above the threshold. TestRail Cloud’s model is a bit more dynamic but you can check the number of users with TestRail’s API if you like:

  1. Users can be deactivated in the administration area under Administration > Users & Roles. Fully deleting users is not supported in order to retain their test history etc. but deactivating users has basically the same effect (the user is no longer counted against the license limit or subscription fee, cannot log in anymore and can no longer be selected in user dropdowns, such as the Assign To fields for tests and test runs).

I hope this helps!