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Traceability Matrix - Jira & testrail


We are using Testrail to update all our testcases. The testcases are linked to user story in JIRA using testrail integration. I would like to know if there is any way where we can generate a report for the traceability matrix for the below requirement:
(JIRA)Epics -> JIRA(User stories) -> Test Cases (Testrail)
We have created a subtask “Testing” under Userstories and all userstories with the subtask “Testing” will have a testcase associated with it. We would like to show that the whenever a testing subtask is present then the testcases are written and has a traceability.

Hi Suganya,

Generating a trace-ability matrix as you have described is currently not possible and would require using APIs from both Jira and TestRail at the same time. While it would be possible to write a script for this, we wouldn’t have an example and could only provide information for the TestRail API requests.

That being said, check out the ‘Coverage for References’ report. You may find this useful as it would be possible to export a list of Jira IDs that you expect to have a linked TestRail test case. Paste this list into the TestRail report and return a report that shows which Jira IDs have and do not have linked TestRail test cases.

Thanks for the reply. I have been trying to generate a report using the coverage feature. So currently it has the reference column. I would like to add another column which is a link for the Epic! I have added them in the customization but couldn’t see them in the test case for editing. Can you please help if we can have two references to JIRA from testrail?

I currently use the coverage for references report in a one off capacity for both test results and test cases to answer the questions:

  1. Have we designed all the test cases for the stories in the sprint?
  2. What is the current result status against those stories?

I’d like the report to be scheduled but I can’t as I have to manually add the jira references to the report criteria to ensure I’m reporting against only those stories relevant to a particular sprint or milestone. Without adding the list of comparative references manually, I really don’t see what use that report is as it’ll only report against references that you’ve already added to TestRail.

What would be ideal to filter the report against Jira release or sprint that would then automatically be associated to the relevant stories. That way, I could then set up a daily report that would adapt to those and changes in the sprint or release so that the report would only report against valid stories.

I think TestRail could make more use of the Jira APIs as it could make the reporting so powerful. Right now, any reporting against Jira tickets is a manual process, meaning that our only solution is to write our own API’s…any suggestions Gurock?

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