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Traceability from Test Run to its test cases and vice versa?



e.g I have a Test suite, let’s called it ‘My TestSuite Hub’ which has 100 Test Cases. Of course each test case has a automatically generated Cxxx number. Let’s say my test cases are
C100 to C200.

Now after a few test iterations, with a few Test Runs let’s say
TRun 1, TRun 2 etc with each one having automatically generated numbers Txxx

Two things that I find difficult to find:

  1. Looking at the test run with the Txxx numbers I cannot tell which test case number this test run is for - apart from the title. But when you have hundreds of test cases that’s hard.

  2. Secondly I cannot tell how many times one test case let’s say C50 has been tested
    in all of my test runs?




Hello Roy,

Thanks for your message. While it’s not currently possible to view the case IDs on the run overview pages in TestRail directly, we do have a custom report that could be modified to show this (the report currently shows all active runs for a suite side-by-side and the case IDs could be easily added). I would be happy to send you the custom report if you are be interested in this.

Regarding your second point: when you open a test case and switch to the Test Results view in the sidebar, you can see the test results and runs for this case over time.

I hope this helps!




Hi Dennis

Thanks for the reply.

I will email you to get the custom report. And yes switching to the Test Report view do answer
my question.