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Total number of test cases


Is there any way to get a view that shows ALL of the test cases on one page for a given project? I can see Test Suite view and have to open each Suite separately to see the test cases, but I want to see all Test Cases at once. Also is there a way to export all test cases at once without having to go into each individual test suite to export there?


Hello Erika,

Thanks for your posting. Currently there’s no way to view all cases of multiple suites on a single page. If you a generally interested in combining multiple suites then you could think about moving your cases to a single suite using the Copy/Move dialog. If it’s “just” for reporting/exporting, you could think about building a custom report that directly queries TestRail’s database and displays your test cases in the preferred way. We also plan to add additional reporting capabilities to TestRail ourselves and will consider adding such a test case report then.