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Too many cases: setting a 'Pagination Limit' does not result in pagination/pages

At ‘Administration’ > ‘Site Settings’ > ‘User Interface’ you can set a “Pagination Limit”.
I understood it as you have more cases on a page than that limit, then there is a pagination and you can browse through multiple pages.

But that does not happen.

All cases that exceed that set limit, will just be cutted out. There is a message instead saying:

XYZ more cases available. Switch to compact view to see all cases.

When I click that link to swith to that compact view, I do not see all cases. Per default all the visible cases are filtered to “Selected group only”. I can switch to “Selected group and subgroups”. When I choose “All groups and tests”, I am where I was before: all cases that exceed the limit are cutted out. There is no way to see all cases as stated.

Therefor I may request two options:
Either a pagination is added as the setting states. Or the limit can be increased (way) above 2000.

Why do I need that?
We test a huge software and therefore have almost 2500 cases as of now. Splitting them up in multiple projects is not an option as we would need to be able to create Runs or TestPlans spanning multiple projects, which is not possible as of now.

Or is my problem already somehow solvable?