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Token replace support in test cases?


Just wondering if there is any form of token replacement (or similar) support for test cases. I have some data that I’d like to share across multiple cases and would like to have it stored centrally so that product owners can edit it as needed without the need to copy and paste it in 30+ locations.

Is this a feature? I’ve had no luck finding this functionality anywhere in the docs but it seems like it would be pretty useful / invaluable in many situations.



Hi Darwin,

Thanks for your post! You can use TestRail’s bulk edit feature to bulk update test cases and this might help to e.g. update a field across multiple test cases with the same details if needed. You would just need to select multiple test cases via the check box to the left of the test cases (or sections) and click the Edit button in the navigation bar above:

You would then make any bulk update you need and this would update all of the selected test cases. Hope this helps!