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Question: Can I only see the todos for a current milestone? I still have unfinished todos listed for old milestones that are closed now and no longer want these in my view. Probably easy to do but any pointers would be appreciated.


Hello Keil,

Thanks for your posting. You can “close” test runs so that the tests no longer appear on the Todo page. Closing test runs is independent of marking a milestone as closed and you can close test runs via the lock icon in their toolbar. Please note that this operation cannot be undone and you can no longer change a test run once it is closed (e.g. adding test results).

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Hi, why I cannot see the lock icon in the test runs?


It is not an icon - when you edit a test run - to the right is a Actions pane and there are links to Close or Delete the test run.


I cannot see neither close nor delete action


You need to click on Edit…


When I click on edit a see no actions


Are you an Admin? I would guess you do not have the permissions to delete/close a test ruin.


No, so there is the problem. Thank you


No problem - glad to get to the bottom of your issue… :wink:


Could Admin set up this functionality for testers?


I think only an Admin can Delete/Close runs. Testers not marked as Admins will be prevented from doing that. Permissions for individual users are not as granular. Though I am not on the newest version of the software - not sure if there have been updates to permissions in the various 5.0x versions.


Hi all!

The close feature is actually independent of the admin status and regular users can close test runs/plans as well (if they have the permissions to do so). TestRail’s permission system is very flexible and can be configured under Administration > Users & Roles by administrators. This looks as follows: