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Todos like "finish writing the test case"


Hi all, is there a way to define Todos like “finish writing this test case”?
I am writing on a test case but I have to clarify the expected result of a step. Therefore I have to contact a developer who is on holiday at the moment.
Is it possible to create a todo task in order not to forget that I have to finish this test case? Perhaps something like in Eclipse #Todo


Hi Matze,

in our team we have created a custom field called status with values: Open, In Progress, Review, Done. If a test case is In Progress it means it was started but not finished. Maybe this is a solution that could work for you :slightly_smiling:


Hi all!

Thanks for your posting. I can also recommend looking into adding a custom field for this (maybe called Status of type dropdown and added on the case level):

You can then easily generate a list of unfinished cases with the Cases > Property Distribution report (from the Reports tab), grouped by your custom field.

I hope this helps!



Hi all, thank you very much for your reply. Creating a custom field to show the status is a great idea. I will give it a try.



Hi Matze,

Glad to help :slightly_smiling: Just let me know in case any further questions come up!