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Todos from a closed Testrun are gone?


Our Testers have finished a testrun and they assigned some cases to me for some minor failures (spelling etc.). While the Testrun was open, i saw all of them in my Todo-Tab. But after I closed this testrun, all of the Todos are gone.

Now I have to look into the closed testrun an searching for Tests, which are assigned to me, without having the ability to reassign them etc…

Is this the right behaviour, or did I miss something? And if it’s right, how do I get them back in my todolist?



Thanks for your posting. Yes, this is the expected behavior. The reason for this is that tests of a closed/archived test run aren’t considered a todo and are therefore no longer displayed on the todo page. Closed test runs don’t allow any modifications to the tests or test results and it wouldn’t be possible to re-assign the tests or add new test results after closing a test run/plan. Please make sure to close test runs/plan only if you don’t expect to make any future modifications.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.