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Todo vs. 'Users. Workload Summary' report


Noticed, that Todo tab contains all users with the correct number of test cases assigned to each user, but Users. Workload Summary report contains another number of users and the number of assigned test cases is incorrect for each user too (I’ve selected all users for Todo tab and Users. Workload Summary report and did not specify filters).

  • Is it well know issue?
  • Is it possible to create a report similar to Todo tab?


Hi @DKim,

Thanks for your posting. Depending on your configuration, the Workload Summary report may use a different scope (included test runs), can you check this please? The report also doesn’t include all runs by default (only the latest N) and you can change this on the Test Runs tab when you create the report.

The Workload Summary is very similar to the Todos tab and even includes a few more details such as estimate and forecast (and not only number of assigned tests per user).



Thanks, I’ve changed the default value of the Maximum number of test runs to include (latest first): to 100 and received similar to Todo report.


Thanks, @DKim, sounds good!