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ToDo Tab is loading very slow


I’ve noticed that ToDo tab is loading slowly on v5.6. It was working slow on previous versions as well. Also, for bigger projects, it’s even slower.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the post! Depending on how many results you have added to TestRail over time, we recommend purging old test runs to keep the database at a manageable size. You can also implement this as part of your automated runs and you can look into purging test runs that are older than a certain threshold (e.g. 2-4 weeks) and closed, for example. The idea for this is to use the get_runs API method with a created_before filter and then delete old runs with delete_run . If you use plans instead, the equivalent would be get_plans and delete_plan .

I can also recommend reviewing your I/O and database configuration and we do have a general performance optimization guide on our website here:

Please let me know in case you have any further questions, happy to help.



Thank you for your reply. It looks like we have a lot of test runs and milestones uncompleted/opened.