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Todo tab filtering seems broken after upgrading to v5


Prior to upgrading to v5, if I deselected all users, and selected ‘Untested,’ I was able to get a list of ALL untested test cases, which could be grouped by test plan. After upgrading to v5, I only get a subset of untested test cases, and only for a single test plan. Selecting an additional status filter seems to include more of the untested test cases, but this results in a much less usable set, since all I am interested in are those which are untested. Was something changed intentionally, or is this a bug?



Hello Maestro,

Thanks for your posting! The functionality of the Todo tab hasn’t really changed with TestRail 5.0. The Todo tab will only show test runs with assigned tests (the “Include unassigned tests in chart” option only applies to the chart) so the tests of the runs/plans need to be assigned in order to appear in the run list. Could you review this again?

I hope this helps!



Prior to v5.0, if I selected ‘Untested’ for status, and selected ‘None’ for user, then I got a table that included ALL untested test cases. Since the upgrade to v5.0, this table of results only includes untested test cases that are assigned to a user. I’d love to see the previous functionality restored because I used the Todo tab heavily when filtered in the pre-v5.0 manner.



Hello Maestro,

We didn’t update the functionality of the Todo tab in TestRail 5.0 and the behavior of the tab was exactly the same with TestRail 4.2. I just tested this and when I select None as the user and Untested for the results, I can see the runs and numbers of untested tests. When I click on a run I can see the tests with the Untested filter applied.


It’s entirely possible that we had been more than one version upgrade behind.