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ToDo no showing any test cases when nothing is assigned


Hi… old hand at 3.1.3 but trialling 5.2… big difference:slight_smile:

I have a Test Plan using the Project with Baseline.
I’ve given it a milestone and gone to the ToDo UI.
Filtered by Milestone… Selected ALL result status and pressed the include unassigned…

?? why does the chart update but not the list of unassigned test cases ??

I can get to it using Test Run view and filtering… but there is no ‘unassigned’ filter




Hello Ian,

Thanks for your posting! Only assigned tests are considered to-dos and unassigned tests wouldn’t appear on the Todo page. The chart has the option to include unassigned tests (to see the workload of the remaining/unassigned tests), but the run list only takes into account assigned tests. To see unassigned tests, you can open the runs on the Test Runs & Results tab and then group your tests by the assignee.

I hope this helps!



Thanks for this.
I would then request to have an ‘unassigned’ selection to filter against.




Thanks, Ian, happy to look into this for a future version.



me too. :slight_smile:


Tobias, this makes no sense. If a Case is added to a Run and becomes a Test it is a Todo whether or not it is assigned.

Please note this thread is related to my thread below. Now I think what I describe in my thread is not a bug but by designed. :frowning:

This really should be fixed.


Please see my response here:

I hope this helps!

Enhancement Request - unassigned view

Nice Post. Thank For sharing.