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Todo bulk operations



We use Todo to organise the testing process by a lot of qa engineers, and we faced one problem.
Our project is huge and has a lot of test objects, so it is convenient to use more than 20 test runs for each of them. For regression testing it is important to keep the history of test results together in one place, so that’s why we use testruns again and again.

Is there any way to reassign multiple tests from different testruns to another people? And can I add result for tests from different testruns in one move?


Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your posting. Test runs are independent from each other so adding results across runs or assigning tests is not possible and you would need to do this per test run. If you create new test runs instead, you can assign the tests when creating the runs (either on the run form for standalone runs or on the plan form). You would still be able to see previous tests/results with the Context tabs: