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Todo - Active vs. Upcomming


Is there a way to show active vs. upcoming todo items? The chart by default shows this wrt number of test cases, but I can’t easily differentiate the runs/plans themselves.

I see there is an option to select a specific milestone, but I want a “big picture” snapshot of my teams todo items. Is it possible to have an “upcoming” section similar to what is now present on both the Milestones and Test Run & Results pages?

Also, whoever the idea to have the todo chart be all different shades of blue was a terrible idea. The colors are barely distinguishable.



Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your feedback. You can either filter the list of runs by milestone and limit this to a select milestone (active/upcoming is indicated in the dropdown), or group your runs by milestone. The latter will still show the same todos but will make it much easier which run is active or upcoming (depending on the milestone). Regarding the colors: happy to look into making this easier to distinguish in a future version and there’s also a hint when you hover over the different chart sections. You can also see the small white separator between the different sections: