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Tobias and I have left the company last year


Hello all,

Both Tobias and I received messages from some TestRail users reaching out to us regarding support on Twitter/Linkedin, and I noticed that we never posted about or mentioned our departure from TestRail here on the forum. So I wanted to take a moment to post an update and clarify this.

Since we started the company over 10 years ago, we were fortunate to work with many amazing customers, ranging from tiny teams to large corporations, allowing us to focus our energy and attention on SmartInspect and TestRail to build these products. Both Tobias and I worked closely with many of you over the years and we are really grateful for the support and feedback (both positive and negative!) we received. We wouldn’t have been able to work on our own company and products (which we love doing) without your support over the years.

Since TestRail’s acquisition by IDERA in 2016, we worked intensively on the transition of TestRail to a larger team and helped hire and train additional support team members, many of which you likely interacted with over the last 2 years. Everyone is very supportive of TestRail’s approach to customer success, so we were able to add some great members to the team.

After working practically non-stop on the company and products for many years, Tobias and I decided to take a break from software development and left the company in December last year (2017).

Thanks again for all the support over the years; we are still rooting for TestRail, just from the sideline. :slight_smile: For TestRail support it’s best to use the regular support channels, as we cannot answer support questions.

I would also be very happy to stay in touch with anyone interested, and please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin or Twitter:


Dennis Gurock, Co-Founder