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Tiny feature: Add "Date Assigned" to TODO list


For task scheduling, it would be very useful for the Lead to be able to include a date when assigning a test run/plan. Also, the date created and date assigned for a task should be in the TODO list.



Thanks for the suggestion, Josh. I can see that this can be useful and I’ve added it to the feature request / TODO list.



I work on a bank application and we need to adjust our system not to the calender but the server bank date time. It would be a long wait to test the end of year reports otherwise. I understand that we can not set a test plan or test run to a specific date and time? I looked for the date and time fields but did not find them.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for the posting. I already answered your request via email and recommended an approach that might work for you. I’m looking forward to your feedback and just let me know in case there’s anything else I can help with.