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Time of Test Run


Is there any way to see the time as well the date in the list of test runs. Sometimes we run a test run several times in one day, and need to know which was run when.


In the circled area at the top right - click on the left most (highlighted) area to get the details for each test run (on the Test Run and Results screen). I have a feeling your system has the right most highlighted and that just gives names of the run and who assigned to.


Have tried all 3 display options, but none display the time, or even a dash as your screenshot does


What version of TR do you have? Of you have a hosted (hosted by Gurock) then it is the newest version. Of your company self-hosts TR then maybe it is an older version though I can’t remember not having the info. Some of the screenshot has data removed - so the dash is part of the Run name.


Thanks for your quick response.

I’m hosted by Gurock, so the software should be up to date???


This has not been a good week for me. With a test run with more than 1 test case - what date would you want listed? If a test run has 100 cases then what date would you want to see. Really can’t list more than the date the run was created on the main Test Run/Results screen.

Once you click into the run however, you can configure the columns shown to be things like Tested By and Tested On. It can get crowded with the 3 pane view though depending on monitor size.


Sorry you’re not having a good week. Just want to see the time - either started or completed


This is a screenshot of how it could look when you click into a Test Run and add the Tested On field. Tested On would change whenever a new result was added. This would have to be set up for each test run if I remember correctly. If it had not been tested and its status was Untested then the Tested On would be blank but no way to show the time on the screen.


My apologies about going round and round. It is like my mind completely skipped over the Time aspect and just saw Date and got fixated on that.


Thanks for looking into it for me.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your post! If you click to view on an individual test within a test run, you would be able to see the execution time of the test including the date and time under the Results & Comments tab. It currently wouldn’t be possible to include the time in the table view of the test run, and the Tested On field would just provide the date, as @BGanger mentioned above. We’re also happy to look into this for a future update. Hope this helps!