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Time 2 hours ahead


We have noticed that when we update any of our test runs the time is out by 2 hours, the SQL Database reports the right time and our locale is correct both in TR and on the machine?

Any ideas why this could be?


Hi Tony,

Thanks for your message. I assume this is for a local TestRail installation, is this correct? If so, TestRail usually uses the local time of the server, but stores the date/time values in the univeral UTC time format (timezone-independent). Please note that the timezone might have been overridden in your PHP.ini configuration file so you might want to check this. If you cannot resolve the issue this way we can also provide you with a PHP script to test your server configuration.

Please note that it’s planned to provide better support for timezones in the next TestRail update and this feature has already been implemented. You will be able to define the timezone independently from the server time directly in TestRail then.