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Three Things to Learn

This is a guest posting by Jim Holmes

Continuous learning is a critical concept for your career and personal life. I’ve slacked off a bit of late, and I decided to focus on three specific things I want to get better at over the next six or so months. I have some modest exposure to all three, but I want to move far past basic proficiency and into solid experienced implementation knowledge. I doubt I’ll achieve mastery of any of the three, but at least I’ll have a great foundation for regular work in those areas.

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Clicking the Show Full Post button doesn’t do anything except change the button text to “Loading”… The topic never loads.

Ditto for me - tried in both MS Edge and FireFox.

Looks to be a problem with using a redirected link within the post. I’ll keep this in mind and let Simon know just in case it’s not already on his radar.

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I found it very interesting and will look more into the three areas mentioned.