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Three panel case selection doesn't work as expected


I’m finding the new three panel case selection confusing and difficult to use. My two primary difficulties are:

  1. The Selection Filter (right panel) does not honor the selection in the left panel tree. Since we’re trying the single suite project, I would expect that the filters are limited only to sections selected in the left panel. Otherwise, how is one to target just a single “Suite” with filters? The “Section” selection filter is not user friendly at all since it is flat and not a tree…

  2. I find it incredibly frustrating that there is no single view to see all cases that have been selected in a single (or paginated) view. We have dozens and dozens of sections and subsections. So to see what the filters picked up, I have to click on every single section individually in the left panel and wait for it to load in the middle panel. It would be nice if the middle panel behaved more like the suite/run view and gave you the option for All/Subgroups/Selected so I at least have the option to show more than one subsection at a time.



Thanks for your feedback on this, Logan. The approach of the old dialog had scalability issues with large test suites but I understand that there’s still room for improvement with the current dialog. We will make sure to look into adding support for different view modes and limiting the filter to the current sections/subsections.

Thanks again,