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This TestRail instance is currently in maintenance mode



I am getting this error when I run my automation scripts which are integrated with the APIs. I have around 400 testcases as of now and every 2-3 minutes I do 6 API calls only. And from this 400 testcases, only 200 are executed and the rest throws below error

java.lang.Exception: TestRail API returned HTTP 409(“This TestRail instance is currently in maintenance mode, please try the request again in a few minutes”)

And these tests runs only nightly .

My tests are in Selenium/Java. Appreciate your help.

API Use and Maintenance

TestRail instances are backed up once a day normally between 02:00 UTC and 05:00 UTC. The elapsed time of the backup depends on the size of the database. In the event of an HTTP 409 response, you should just retry the request in a few minutes e.g.

if http 409
sleep 120
retry API call

If you need further support, please contact Gurock directly


Thank you. That really helped. Looks like the tests after 02:49:39 is thrown this error. I will re-schedule my runs and see how it works.

Thanks again mate.