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The table 'test_changes' is full Error


Hi All
each time I try to add a new test result I get this error “The table ‘test_changes’ is full”


Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for your post! Can you also send in a screenshot of the error you’re experiencing to so we can have a look? We might need to also retrieve some debug logs and additional details which would be best to troubleshoot via email.

We look forward to your email!




We got same error. Did you find out what is causing this?



Hi Kalle,
The Server disk space was full.
This server was set up only as a demo, so the disks were very small. I’ve
increased the DB storage from 14GB to 128GB.
Best Regards,
Ahmed El Salawy


Thanks for your feedback. We also had disk full but since the issue was reported some time ago after disk was cleaned up I thought some other problem might also have occured.

Best regards,


Today we’re facing the same issue

Please advice is this expected to be on Gurock side or the local admins are the right persons?


Assuming the db is local to you (your Test Rail install is local) and the issue seems to be caused by disks the db is on are full - I would be your local admins to look a the drive space the db is on. If it is hosted by Gurock - then Gurock would need to know about it and check it out.


Thought TestRail can be hosted by Gurock only. Apparently - was false :slight_smile:


Hi Max,

Thanks for your reply! You can also email us directly at and we’re happy to verify the account type you have and point you in the right direction regarding troubleshooting this.