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The plan for PHP 7 support


Hi guys,

Just checking in - are you guys currently testing against PHP 7?

It seems the MSSQL drivers are in a pretty good state - we are keen to shift to PHP7 / newer MSSQL versions as soon as we can (mostly for 64 bit support):


Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your posting. It’s planned to start working on this soon and we are already familiar with the required changes on TestRail’s side. Full SQL Server and ionCube support is required for us before we can release anything but we would like to support PHP 7 with one of the next TestRail versions.



Hi Tobias,
hi guys,

sorry for upping this post, but how far did you get with PHP 7? We’re really looking forward starting with TestRail, but our admins only accept PHP 7.



Hi Suszie,

Thanks for your reply! We are still working on this and while we don’t have a specific timeline, this is high on our to-do list. We expect to have some news regarding this eventually, and you can keep an eye on our blog for updates on when this is announced:

Hope this helps!