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The new TestRail 'Dark' theme

Loving the new ‘Dark’ theme in TestRail; it takes some of the strain away with looking at a monitor all day.

I’ve spotted a poor UI colour scheme within it, however…


  1. From within a Test Suite, click ‘Run Test’
  2. Select ’ Select specific test cases’
  3. Click ‘Change Selection’

The files displayed in the left pane are displayed in grey text against an ever so slightly lighter grey background. This makes it incredibly difficult to read unless they’re highlighted, which isn’t practical or UI friendly.

The text colour has a clear contract from the background colour. Such as black text against a white or light grey background.

Can this please be looked at? :slight_smile:



Hi Sheridan,

thanks for pointing that out – the issue has been fixed since the initial release and shouldn’t be present on 6.0.1 (and later). If you are working on a TestRail server instance, an upgrade on a more current version might be advisable.