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The filter on the labels does not work properly



we have some test cases with more than one labels.
When we try to filter by one of these labels we do not get some results.
We noticed that instead of test cases with only one label the filter is working properly.

You confirm us this issue?
Thanks for support!



Hi Serena,

Thank you for your post. When you say label, are you referring to a value within a custom field? In your case multiple custom fields?



yes I’m referring to Multi-select Custom fields.

Thank you,


Hi, this issue is blocking because we are not able to build test runs filtering by a Multi-select Custom field (eg: labels).

Please fix asap!


Hi Davide,

Thanks for your reply! I believe we’re in contact via e-mail now and we’re happy to help troubleshoot the issue you’re experiencing. The filter would support selecting multiple labels with both of the filter options available for the multi-select field. We’ll also await your reply with your specific use case via email as well.