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The best way to arrange projects in TestRail?



We’ve been using TestRail for a couple of months now and we find it a great tool. We arranged our TestRail as follows:

We’ve created 1 main test project (single repository for all cases) with subgroups. Each subgroup is a different product with their own test cases.

Every two weeks we create a milestone for each development team. This milestone represents the sprint for each team and contains all the test plans and runs for each development team. The reason we’ve arranged TestRail like this is because a development team can work on multiple products during a sprint.

Ideally we would like to:

  • create a test project for each product we have in TestRail (instead of as a subgroup)
  • have an option to create milestones (sprints for each development team) on a higher level so we can link test plans and test runs from separate test projects to these milestones

I’m curious how you all think of the way we arranged our projects in TestRail. Any tips are welcome. Thanks!




I am wrestling with 2 projects that actually are related, so I had to make a 3rd one to merge all that mess. So in my opinion you’re doing well to put everything into a single project :-).

But I’m not sure what you mean by subgroup? I am arranging different feature sets into different test suites, and you might want to do just that for your different products. Their cases can be further subdivided into subgroups, and should be normally.

I would create one single milestone, and different test runs for each development team, each referring to the common milestone and running on different test suites (possibly several). This way you’d have much more complete reporting of how the general sprint is doing, instead of completely separate handling of each product. And still each team could concentrate primarily on how they themselves are progressing.


With subgroups I mean folders in the test project. Each product has a own folder.