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The best way of organizing different projects



I have read various topics here related to the best way of organizing test suites/runs/plans etc but I still have difficulties on choosing the best approach for our project context. We are setting up Test Rail now and I want to be sure to start on the right track, so I hope you’ll have some ideas for me.

In short, we have one Core application and various client customization (different projects which use different versions of the Core application). So, in order to be able to reuse cases between projects I need to keep them all in a single project repository. And here the problem begins, Each of our projects has its own milestones and its own iterations , if I need to keep them in a single Test Rail project, what would be the best organization : project = test run or project = test suite or project = test plan? And for the sprints, sprint =?Whatever I choose I see constraints on each. Our context with final clients is such that I really don’t need a mess with mixing all clients and all iterations in one Tests rail project but I don’t see other option.

Thanks in advance!


One way of doing it could be to create a project that contains all your test cases (master). You then create a project for each client and copy the cases from the master.

The downside is that it can get fiddly should you decide to change your subsection hierarchy.


Hi there,

Thanks for your post! As @Anomander mentioned, you could still split these up into separate TestRail projects if there will be some differences with the test cases, and this might make it easier to organize your milestones/runs. You could also use TestRail’s Baselines feature to set up your project if you’d prefer to keep these in a single project, as you can have a master baseline and then create separate baselines for your differing versions/clients. You can learn more about how baselines work here:

Hope this helps!



Thanks for your prompt response. Just another question, if we opt for the single repository mode and see after some time that multiple suite mode is better fitting our needs, is it possible to switch easily from one mode to another and what possible constraints can we meet in this case?


As far as I know, you can just switch. Your single repository becomes your “Master” test suite.
From that you can branch out into different other suites. I found it a good way to keep one stable version of cases and then create new versions from that base.

The good thing about TestRail is, you can make it as complicated as you like, but it let’s you also create what you need. Some constructs just become harder to handle than others.


Hi Bln,

Thanks for your reply! You would be able to change the project suite mode later if needed, and you would just do this under Administration > Projects > Edit Project. It wouldn’t be recommended to switch a project mode often, but you can still switch if after some time you find that you need to move back to a different suite mode. Hope this helps!