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The "Add Test Runs" report dialog box maybe to small


When setting up a report, and clicking on the “Add Test Runs” a modal box called “Add Test Runs” filter box comes up. When using the filters and clicking on the filter “Test Plan”, it will only show about 30 characters (give/take) … and for reasons I am unsure of the folks here are creating Test Plan names such as:

Core - Milestone1 Regression Testcases Scrum Team1
Core - Milestone1 Regression Testcases Scrum Team2
Core - Milestone1 Regression Testcases Scrum Team3
Core - Milestone1 Regression Testcases Scrum Team4

Now we can argue (not amongst ourselves, but with those naming these) that’s a really poor way of doing things – and I have. But regardless, that filter box only shows the string up to “Core - Milestone1 Regression Tes” which makes it impossible to find a specific Test Plan. I’m going to (re)educate them on using simpler, shorter names; but you might also want to look into making that box bigger since you allow for longer names, though of course not really sure what you can do in the end as it’s probably an static HTML element.

But wanted to point it out.


Thanks, Jim. We should at least support mouse hints/hover for longer titles for the filters and we will make sure to look into this.