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TFS Test Case Export to TestRail XML Import


We are migrating from Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to TestRail. I looked at the TestRail migration tools and scripts and I didn’t see an easy way to get my test cases out of MTM and into TestRail. I already wrote a program to extract MTM test cases to an Excel spreadsheet so I figured I could modify it to write it out in the XML format that TestRail could import. It works great. If anyone is interested in this let me know. I can give you the code.

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Hey John,

That’s really great and we would be very interested in taking a look at the code. I’m sure this would be very helpful for a lot of teams. Would you be able to put the code somewhere on GitHub? You could alternatively share the code with us by emailing it to



I hope I did it right.


Hey John,

Thanks for uploading the code to Github and sharing the project. That’s very useful and I’m sure various users will review/try this in the future. We will make sure to include this in an upcoming third-party project/reference list as well.



I’ve updated the code to include Product Backlog Item references. If the test case has references to Product Backlog Items the ID numbers will be in the references field.


Thanks again for sharing this, John!



Thank you guys very much indeed. I’m not a Dev and new to this. Would you mind giving me some pointers on how to make this run to export from TFS?


You will need Visual Studio to compile the code and run it.


Code imports only Title.
Are there any changes has been made in TestRail xml import?

I have edited the code to import Steps, Description and Priority.


I know this has been a while but I forked this project and added support for stripping of HTML tags to solve an issue I ran into while trying to use the above. I also uploaded a copy of the program so that if somebody needs to do this in the future they don’t need to compile it themselves.