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TFS Integration with Test Rail

Morning guys,

I’m starting to use Test Rail and looking integration with TFS, I can see where the URL’s need to be given (Defect/Reference section) but trying to understand how it works, the integration with TFS.

Basically what I want - if possible is to link new test cases to backlog features from TFS. Do i go in Test Rail and import these backlog requirements in there or vice versa? Im coming from Test Manager where you could import/link the current sprint from TFS. I have added what i think is the correct reference url, just not sure what or where do i go after?

Does anyone have an example on what I should be expecting to see? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there,

Thanks for the post! For the URL integrations with tools like TFS, you would need to first set up the integration settings in the administration area (which sounds like you’ve done) then, when editing or creating a test case, you can use the “References” field to add the ID of the issue/requirement from TFS. This will create a clickable link that fills the ID value into the URL specified in the administration area, allowing you to quickly and easily directly open to the relevant location in TFS. Make sure when setting this up that you enter the URLs in both the Defects and References tabs of the administration area. The Defects option will be used to link test results to your tool, and can be added when entering the results of a test execution in the “Defects” field, while the References will allow you to link the full test case.

There wouldn’t be a way to import these references in bulk, as they would be applied to individual cases as needed. If you haven’t already, you can check out the following (somewhat older) guide on the integration options with TFS here:

Hope that helps!

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