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Text field markup codes


Hi - We’re currently using the 1.0.2 beta. We had been using the 1.0.1 beta for about a month. I noticed (by accident initially) that many of the text fields use some sort of markup that does some html formatting. For example if you begin a line with a '- ’ (a dash and then a space), you get a bullet list item.

Could you post some documentation on all the markup codes? I think they will be very handy.

RNA Networks


Never mind, I found it. There’s an editor help button next to the text fields now.



Yep, TestRail uses the Markdown syntax for allowing rich text formatting. We decided not to go with a full HTML editor control for now, for various reasons, and really like the ease of use of Markdown. We will probably add a small toolbar with often needed syntax styles to the text fields in the future.