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TestSuites or Repository


I’d like to know your recommendations on how organize testcases.

Since version 5.2 has been launched, a new project by default is set to : Single repository, and it’s marked as “Recommended”.

But in your online documentation ( you still recommend testsuites…

Can you explain, please what are the limitations of each model, and when should we choose one or the other.



Hi Fred,

Thanks for your posting. The documentation/getting started guide is a bit dated and we recommend using a single suite/repository in almost all cases. A single repository became the default mode for new projects with TR 4.0 and this makes it much easier to create test runs/plans and reports for the entire case repository. You can still group and organize cases the way you want but you would just use sections and sub-sections instead of test suites. You can compare this to how files and folders are organized on disk and you would use sections/sub-sections (folder) to group/organize your cases (files).



Ok got it!
Thanks for your information.

best regard,


You are welcome, Fred :slight_smile: Let me know in case anything else comes up, happy to help.



That answer my question as well as I am building my team’s structure - thank you :slight_smile: