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TestRun :Visualization of selected cases during creation

Our projects use a single Test Suite option.
Hence, all our cases are organized with Section and Subsections.

While creating a Test Run we have option to filter the cases with various criteria.
However, when we select criteria and click on Set selection the selected cases are not shown in the middle pane of the Select cases dialog.

In the training video , you have shown the same scenario with Project using multiple Test Suites and there the cases are getting listed.

Can we have the similar listing of selected cases when cases are organized under Sections also.


Hi Raghavendra,

Thanks for the post! When using the test case filters for creating a test run, the ‘Set Selection’ button should update the displayed test cases which are selected. If the test cases selected are cleared or no cases are selected when pressing ‘Set Selection’ this may indicate there are not any cases which match the filter criteria you established.

So we can look into this further, can you send us a screenshot of the selection dialog where the selected cases are not updating when applying a filter? Please send the screenshot to so our support team can review this and provide additional feedback.


Hi Jon,

I have dropped a mail with small video explaining my query . Will wait for your reply.